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Design on view. World Design Capital 2022.

A better world through design

We are observers Creating connections.

Spain Ceramics World is a company involving in working for a better world. We operate in our local community improving spaces we inhabit. Creating new solutions in ceramic tiles for a more sustainable world. Creating connections in our global community.

We observe and enjoy the art, looking for inspiring tools in our creative process. In or #pavementpath of creation, this year we are happy to discover old associations and references between ceramic, design, architecture and art in this Agora meeting point of World Design Capital Valencia 2022 thanks to World Design Organization (WDO)®

This meeting point for design in Valencia city is a new window where through Spain Ceramics World see the world. Architecture, design, ceramic, all connected in this unique space Agora. A recovering place for recovering design and ceramic.

Again ART in all its forms and representations is the answer to recover our fragmented pieces of life #ceramitime #ceramictile .

Agora a meeting point for design in Valencia

Spain Ceramics World. We are observers under the splendid wooden roof of this pavilion wrapped in #ceramic #tiles.

Feeling the sound of city in Agora, another window where through we see the world. Spain Ceramics World ©

Spain Ceramics World #design on view .


There is a window, a window behind a wall, there is a window where through I see the world.

Spain Ceramics World

Agora : a meeting point in Valencia #worlddesigncapital #woodandtiles

Agora Valencia place for celebrating #design and #tiles while we listen the sound of city #ceramictile #creatingceramictiles #innovation #creativity

Spain Ceramics World Spanish version

Spain Ceramics World. Somos observadores bajo el esplendido techo de madera artesanal que combina en simbiosis con las paredes cerámicas de estas dos obras #escultura y #arquitectura fusionan en este pabellón Ágora desde el que oímos el sonido vibrante de la ciudad de Valencia, este año capital del diseño. Valencia Capital del diseño 2022

Ceramica, diseño y arquitectura se fusionan en este espacio abierto en la ciudad de Valencia.

De nuevo el #arte nos conecta y nos brinda una nueva oportunidad para unir fragmentos de vida. Creatividad, arte, innovación, Think in Tiles. Spain Ceramics World : a world of ceramic, a ceramic world. ©

WHEN LIFE give you lemons…..MAKE TILES!!!

Spain Ceramics World is hopeful about present time, all the time is time for acting, for making tile impact, a positive impact.

It is ceramic time again, despite an environment plenty of difficulties for ceramic industry we feel it is time for improvement, for working better, for thinking in Tiles. #thicktiles. #citrustiles

Imagine the positive impact that ceramic industry has in all our community and life. We create a new vision in ceramics adapted to challenging conditions. When life give you lemons…..make tiles!!!


Making constructive tiles, with thick skin as lemons have. Making stronger ceramic, tending toward progress.

#ikigaitiles, #spainceramicsworld Don’t forget your IKIGAI in LIFE !!! #ikigaitile #tileikigai 危机 Remember that you are our reason.

When stones speak we listen.

Spain Ceramics World When stones speak.. we listen. Natural stone ceramic tile

Spain Ceramics World © Natural stone, ceramica natural efecto piedra.

Cuando la cerámica se vive con pasión, nuestros azulejos se convierten en fragmentos de vida. SPAIN CERAMICS WORLD © Viviendo la cerámica. Living your experience in Ceramics!

Take action!

Some times we forget the importance of being a real qualified professional in these turbulent times. Companies need to hire skilled people, competent and well qualified in a wide range of areas with strong competencies and qualifications as a hole.

We need «present moment people»

But not only soft skills are important for the progress of companies, of course resilience is key nowadays, but knowing how to do things still being essential if we want that everything goes working. So we need well skilled professionals, that make things work, we need people with flexibility, creativity, resilience and trusted people with high levels of implication on their work . And more over we need present moment people, people that stay present in the work in the moment they are doing the task.

Action is essential now, take action but please do well.

This time goodness, in every aspect is vital for the progress of humankind. So please be good: be good at work and good with people and the more important feel good with your daily job.

If you are looking for a job and want to be part of our project, please contact us. We feel good to know about your interest on our company. Working time is ceramic time.

«Every day new opportunities are coming for talented people«©


There is a window, a window behind a wall, there is a window where through I see the world

This world that now is revealing,   its power,  it is asking for a stop and while we see  this unique algae window glass spheres and  we know  that art is the answer, the beauty of our planet never stop.

Image: Franca Candrian. Algae Window 2020 Art Work Olafur Eliasson

Now birds are singing, new spreeds bud 

Now birds are singing, new spreads bud, nature is claiming its space. 

Humans must listen and see the world through our windows , thinking  and dreaming about new friendly environments to both humanity and  planet now the  same voice.

Life is waiting through our windows

Life is Waiting through our windows. Take a breath and be conscius that our planet, this magic site we are part of, it is now speaking up,  so listen carefully,  feeling that  we all are part of  this and be confident in forthcoming events, because a better world will.  Spain Ceramics World © working for a better world

Hay una ventana, una ventana tras un muro

Hay una ventana, una ventana tras un muro, hay una vetana a traves de la cual yo veo el mundo.

Este mundo que ahora se revela, su poder, está pidiendo que paremos.

Y mientras nosotros observamos las esferas de cristal de alga través  de la ventana virtual y mientras las vemos sabemos que  la respuesta está en el arte, en la belleza de nuestro planeta que crea y nunca se detiene. 

Image: Franca Candrian. Algae Window 2020. Art Work Olafur Eliasson


Ahora los pájaros están cantando

Ahora los pájaros están cantando, nuevos brotes surgen, la naturaleza reclama su espacio.

Los humanos debemos escucharla y ver el mundo a través de nuestras ventanas, pensando y soñando nuevos entornos que sean amables para la humanidad y el planeta , juntos ahora , con la misma voz. 

La vida esta esperando a través de nuestras ventanas.

La vida esta esperando a través de nuestra ventana.

Respira toma consciencia de nuestro planeta, de la magia  y belleza del lugar del que formamos parte, ese lugar que  ahora habla,  ruge, clama por una pausa. Así que escucha atentamente y siente que eres parte de ese lugar y manten la confianza en que el futuro nos traerá un mundo mejor.  Spain Ceramics World © Working for a better world.

Etimoe, close to nature

Words and Facts

Spain Ceramics World creates ceramic tile with sustainable materials, we love our world . Our wood tile collections are our particular way in bating planet deforestation. Wood effect tiles could be a first step in caring our environment and protecting forest deprivation

There are connections between words and facts, so our Etimoe serie is the link for getting our purpose in caring our planet. The name´s election #etimoe of our wood flooring it wasn’t just a coincidence.

Etimoe is a plant threatened by human activity. Acquiring our Etimoe ceramic tile serie you can contribute to avoid the real Etimoe tree can be cut down.

Spain Ceramics World and our wooden tile collections are protecting the planet and its sustainability, in a sense. Creating ceramic tile inspiring in nature we are shaping places where natural world inhabits our spaces.

Etimoe. Ceramic inspired in Nature


Palabras y actos

Spain Ceramics World crea productos cerámicos con materiales sostenibles, amamos nuestro mundo.

Nuestras colecciones de azulejos que logran el efecto madera son nuestro particular modo de luchar contra la deforestación del planeta.

Spain Ceramics World © Etimoe floor tile.

Existen conexiones entre las palabras y los actos y nuestra serie Etimoe es el enlace para lograr nuestro propósito de cuidar el medioambiente. La elección del nombre #etimoe no fue fruto de la casualidad. Etimoe es el nombre de una planta amenazada por la actividad humana, al elegir la serie de cerámica Etimoe estas cuidando del planeta acercando la naturaleza a tu hogar de forma sostenible, logrando un efecto madera natural en cerámica, evitando la deforestación.

Nuestras colecciones de azulejos en madera suponen, en cierto modo, una forma de proteger el planeta y su sostenibilidad. Creando cerámica inspirada en la naturaleza damos forma a espacios donde habita el mundo natural. Cerca de la naturaleza. © Spain Ceramics World.

Close to nature

Spain Ceramis World

Spain Ceramics World  and the Ecological Footprint Calculator

Origen: Ecological Footprint Calculator

Spain Ceramics World is engaged with the sustainability of our  planet. We are conscious about the need of industry and their agents to take measures for protecting our environment and preventing the climate change.

This useful tool that we discovered years ago, enables anybody interested to know how ecological they are in only some clicks.  Global Footprint Network provides tools and resources for  promoting sustainability.  

Take  a look and take the first step. Calculate your Ecological Footprint. Find out how many planets would be needed if everyone in the world lived like you.

«People protect what they love».

Jacques Yves Cousteau

Spain Ceramics World está comprometido con la sostenibilidad del planeta. Somos conscientes de la necesidad de la Industria y sus agentes de tomar medidas que protejan el medio ambiente y prevengan del cambio climático. Hace unos años descubrimos esta útil herramienta  facilitada por Global Footprint Network que permite calcular tu huella ecológica, en varios clicks puedes saber cuantos planetas necesitarías para poder mantener tu actual modo de vida. ¿A que esperas? Da el primer paso.

«Las personas protegen lo que aman».

Jacques Yves Cousteau