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Calm, forrest and woods

Spain Ceramics World inspiring in forrest and wood present zen tile serie . Our Serie Zen ceramic tile brings calm to your room. Connecting the natural world this series allows us reconnected with the beauty and simplicity of nature. You can choose your zen tile for your outdoors in zen cerezo español, #zenfresno, #zengris or #zensabina. Let the nature in! Living Outdoors!. Nuestra serie Zen aporta calma a tus estancias. Conectando con el mundo natural esta serie te permite recolectar con la belleza y la simplicidad de lo natural. #spainceramicsworld #serieZen brings calm to your room with our #zentile inspiring in woods. Aporta calma a tus estancias con la serie zen #woodentile effect inspirada en los bosques. #ceramitime #ceramictile

Take action!

Some times we forget the importance of being a real qualified professional in these turbulent times. Companies need to hire skilled people, competent and well qualified in a wide range of areas with strong competencies and qualifications as a hole. We need “present moment people” But not only soft skills are important for the progress of companies, of course resilience is key nowadays, but knowing how to do things still being essential if we want that everything goes working. So we need well skilled professionals, that make things work, we need people with flexibility, creativity, resilience and trusted people with high levels of implication on their work . And more over we need present moment people, people that stay present in the work in the moment they are doing the task. Action is essential now, take action but please do well. This time goodness, in every aspect is vital for the progress of humankind. So please be good: be good at work and good with people and the more important feel good with your daily …

Smart cities and communities

Spain Ceramics World congratulates EU on this initiative Smart cities and communities. Image: European Union, 2017 The European Innovation Partnership on Smart Cities and Communities (EIP-SCC) brings together cities, industry and citizens to improve urban life through more sustainable integrated solutions. This link offers all the information about the Smart Cities Information System.  Image: Europea Union, 2017 Knowledge sharing is a key factor for developing communities and world progress. Spain Ceramics World, our industry in Spain,   bets on creating high quality tiles  for  living in high quality environments. Spain Ceramics World is committed to find new solutions in factory-made process with sustainable pricing and quality. Spain Ceramics World moved from being merely traditional tiles fabricator towards becoming a new industry operator with more sustainable based approach with focuses on customer and brands needs and exploring subjects such as nature-based solutions, digital technologies and future industrial tile initiatives. In the coming months it is expected that our company will continue to expand its challenge- based approach for getting new sustainable solutions in tile industry. Spain …