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Think in tiles. Think in Spain Ceramics World.

Spain Ceramics World fabric ceramic tiles for other brands. We offer best products wall tile, floor tile at best prices and let others shine. Our company has a vision: make an impact in the world of ceramic tiles, helping other firms to achieve their objectives as well as we get our own purpose thorough the process . We bet for a better world where success is assessed in terms of  value. #positiveimpact «Life is about making an impact not an income.»  Kevin Kruse So this is the starting point for this year: adding value to all our products wall tile and floor tile, gres and porcelain tile all type of ceramic surfaces and getting still more satisfied customers.   «Our bet is creating a compelling customer experience». Spain Ceramics World © Spain Ceramics World fabrica azulejos para otras marcas ofrecemos los mejores productos en pavimento y revestimiento cerámico a los mejores precios y dejamos que los demás brillen. Nuestra empresa tiene una visión: dejar huella en el mundo de la industria cerámica, ayudando a otras empresas …

The essence of stone

Spain Ceramics World love the use of pure materials, the pureness of nature.  Our company try to make a difference. We have a vision imitate the stone effect in a new ceramic tile collection.  Inspiration comes from everywhere, a view of others great artisans architects, designers and their vision of world, their unique works and creativity  and as  them do,  We  most of all find inspiration  in the nature world. Our tiles are the outcome of technology looking for new ways of understanding nature so we incorporate raw materials in a try to get its essence. Stone is a sensual material. Kengo Kuma In our  searching we have found this inspiring video. The essence of stone by Kengo Kuma Japanese architect. The well-known creator  presents this time Marmomacc a new project that researches new ways of using stone not far from the effect that Spain Ceramics World gets with  ceramic tiles. Stone sensual material Spain Ceramics World is a ceramic factory  and produces ceramic tiles for covering your wall and pavement with textures inspired in nature as stone texture tiles in different …

Our vision in 12 months

We start this new stage with new year resolutions. Digital purpose. Developing a new blog where share with you: concepts, ideas and opinions about ceramic, tiles, art, architecture, creativity , innovation and more …. We hope you enjoy this journey ! We share with you our vision of company and our mission as a team in the previous picture: Our vision in 12 months . Company Culture : #Technology, #Creativity, #Innovation, #Quality, #Global Market, #Sustainability, #Multicultural Environments, #Hardworking, #Improvement, #People. #positive impact. Enjoy the journey with Spain Ceramics World, «a world of ceramic, a ceramic world«. © Empezamos esta nueva etapa con nuevos propósitos para este año, el primero tiene que ver con lo digital, propósito TIC : desarrollar un nuevo blog en el que compartir contigo conceptos, ideas y opiniones sobre cerámica, azulejos , arte , arquitectura , creatividad, innovación y más … Compartimos nuestra visión como compañia y nuestra misión como equipo  resumida en la siguiente imagen !Esperamos disfrutes de este viaje! Spain Ceramics World un mundo de cerámica