Day: 11 junio, 2021

Calm, forrest and woods

Spain Ceramics World inspiring in forrest and wood present zen tile serie . Our Serie Zen ceramic tile brings calm to your room. Connecting the natural world this series allows us reconnected with the beauty and simplicity of nature. You can choose your zen tile for your outdoors in zen cerezo español, #zenfresno, #zengris or #zensabina. Let the nature in! Living Outdoors!. Nuestra serie Zen aporta calma a tus estancias. Conectando con el mundo natural esta serie te permite recolectar con la belleza y la simplicidad de lo natural. #spainceramicsworld #serieZen brings calm to your room with our #zentile inspiring in woods. Aporta calma a tus estancias con la serie zen #woodentile effect inspirada en los bosques. #ceramitime #ceramictile