Month: enero 2019

Coloring spaces. 

Color enhancing mood and creativity. Kendra Jackson at Azure Magazine Those splendid proyects exploit color to foster employee happinness and boost productivity. Take a look  to this futuristic-looking Innovation Lab in the Chinese city of Guizhou by Aim Architecture and Fuse office by R&A Architecture + Design.

Spain Ceramics World: connecting with you.

The use of this digital platform has allowed Spain Ceramics World take advantage of possibilities offered by digital era and enhance efficiency. And it made connecting with our audience all the more. Our social media strategy at Spain Ceramics World is progressing with your help and supporting look. Our ceramic tile is global. Our wall tile and floor tile are mapping the world. We live in a digital era so economy and companies can’t scape of this reality. Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and the Netherlands have the most advanced digital economies in the EU……..In 2017, all Member States improved in the DESI. Ireland and Spain progressed the most… Source: (DESI) The Digital Economy and Society Index. We share with you this inspiring video about digital economy in EU. It has been a long journey to get here, so THANK YOU for looking at us with real interest. Keep close to us! SPAIN CERAMICS WORDL: CONECTANDO CONTIGO. Vivimos en una era digital y las empresas y la economía no pueden escapar de esta nueva realidad. El uso …