Month: enero 2015

January : Innovation. Enero : Innovación

January . Innovation We start this year with new ideas and proyects and  this month the key word is Innovation. Why innovation ? . Innovation  is considered as the  “process of translating an idea or invention  into a good or service that creates value or for wich customers will pay “. ( definition of www. Spain Ceramics World  explores the world and applies information, imagination and innitiative  in its making process, adding technology and new shapes to the  wall and floor tile ceramic production . We offer new designs far from the rest of brands  and this distance  makes a difference  between us and the rest . Exploration is the engine that drives innovation. Innovation drives economic growth. So let’s all go exploring. Edith Widder We have designed our keep calm calendar for sharing the world our company culture and our vision in 12 months. “Keep calm and tile your year!”  Spain Ceramics World ©Spain Ceramics World Empezamos este año con nuevas ideas y proyectos y este mes nuestra palabra clave es Innovación . …

Our vision in 12 months

We start this new stage with new year resolutions. Digital purpose. Develop a new blog where share with you concepts, ideas and opinions about ceramic, tiles, art, arquitecture , creativity , innovation and more …. We hope you enjoy this journey ! We share with you our vision  as a company and our mission as a team in the next picture: Our vision in 12 months Empezamos esta nueva etapa con nuevos propósitos para este año, el primero tiene que ver con lo digital, propósito TIC : desarrollar un nuevo blog en el que compartir contigo conceptos, ideas y opiniones sobre cerámica, azulejos , arte , arquitectura , creatividad, innovación y más … Compartimos nuestra visión como compañia y nuestra misión como equipo  resumida en la siguiente imagen !Esperamos disfrutes de este viaje! Spain Ceramics World un mundo de cerámica. Ups technology !